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Be Prepared!

George Bessler and Doug Meyer gave a program on emergency preparedness at our July 1 club meeting. We are fortunate to have the knowledge and expertise of these two leaders in emergency preparedness in the Pinellas County area. George has prepared a comprehensive set of emergency preparedness guidelines into a PDF document. These guidelines apply to a wide variety of potential disasters, not just hurricanes, and are indispensable for anyone who wants to make sure they’re prepared.

George and Doug joined forces to provide an overview of the guidelines. The goal was not to go through the document page by page but instead to help all of the club members understand how to use the document most effectively. The presentation was well received. In Curtis Camp’s words, “George and Doug did an outstanding job outlining the preparations necessary for all possible disasters, e.g. hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, flood, etc.”

Thank you, George, for your leadership in helping make sure that the club is prepared for potential disasters and, Doug, for your help in presenting the guidelines.

Click here to download the Rotary Club of Seminole Lake All Hazard Emergency Preparedness Guide.

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