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Beating Cancer

The Seminole Lake Rotary club was fortunate to hear Irene Greiner tell how she beat cancer—through faith, nutrition, and alternative medicine. Walt Steinheimer, as he has done with several other great programs, recommended we schedule Irene for a program so she could share her story, and what an eye opener it was…

A little over two years ago, Irene felt like she was living life to its fullest when she developed a lump in her leg. First thinking it was just a knot in her muscle, Irene soon learned that the lump was in fact a tumor. She underwent five weeks of radiation treatment and then had surgery to cut out the tumor. After the surgery, her doctors told her the cancer had metastasized into other parts of her body. She wondered if the cancer, which had previously been confined to the tumor, had been spread by the radiation. She was told that she only had a 20% chance of living a year—a year where she must undergo radiation and chemotherapy. Irene was convinced there must be a better way than living the last 12 months of her life enduring the harmful effects of chemotherapy. She asked the specialists she was seeing if there was another way but was assured there were no alternatives.


She shared with us that, being a faithful person, she put her faith in God and asked for guidance in finding a cure that would avoid the destructive effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Her search led her to several alternative medicine treatments and physicians, where she started to learn about the impact and importance of nutrition and toxins on health and disease. Everybody in attendance at the club was riveted as she shared her experience with us.


She had always considered herself a healthy eater but soon learned that, for example, the lettuce in the salads she was conscientiously eating at restaurants were often not properly cleaned, not organic, and typically laden with pesticides, bacteria, and preservatives, which contributed to the toxins in her body. She immediately and dramatically changed her diet, including eating organic vegetables and drinking only purified water. She also underwent several alternative medicine treatments. After more than two years, she is now cancer free—and incredibly vibrant and alive.

Having learned the importance of nutrition from her own bout with cancer, Irene was inspired to share that knowledge with others and started her own nutritional consulting business, Divine Wellness. Irene is careful to point out during her presentation that she is not a medical doctor and can only help others understand what alternatives exist so they can make an informed choice on their own—something she thanks God she was able to do in her own case. Irene acknowledges that conventional medicine has its place but that, had she not sought out alternatives on her own, she would never have known they existed and consequently might not have been standing before us telling her story of survival.


We thank Irene for taking the time to come tell her inspiring and very informative story. You can learn more about Irene and the services she provides at Divine Wellness. You can also find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/igreiner.

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