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July 24, 2016
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Lots of Club Updates

President Glenn Stamm and others had a bunch of updates for the club as part of the Friday’s Rotary Matters program, a type of program which is held the first Friday of every month to provide information and updates about the club and Rotary International.


Glenn started by sharing that two anonymous donors from Seminole Lake Rotary had provided 207 backpacks for under privileged children. 30 were donated to the Greater Seminole Chamber of Commerce for back to school, 30 were donated to George Bessler and Dave Buzza to give to children on their trip to Belize where they’ll support Belize Hope, and 177 were donated to Eckerd Community Alternatives. Gerry Cachia fostered a partnership between the club and Eckerd Community a year ago with the Red Sled Initiative. Glenn and Gerry delivered the backpacks to Loralynn at Eckerd.

Backpacks for Eckerd

Next, Glenn asked Vivian to provide an update on PolioPlus, a program very dear to her heart and, she says, the reason she originally joined Rotary. PolioPlus is the program started by Rotary in 1985 to eradicate polio from the planet so that children around the world would never again have to suffer its horrible effects. Vivian announced that through Rotary’s efforts–along with its partners–it is projected that the LAST instance of polio in the entire world will be next year. However, in order to insure that polio is completely eliminated it will take another three years of inoculations, at a cost of $1.5 billion. To this end, Vivia had some great news: Through matching grants from Rotary District 6950, Rotary International, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, every dollar donated to PolioPlus turns into $7.50. That means a $100 donation will result in $750 in going the eradication of Polio!


After this great update from Vivian, Glenn asked Tim Schuler (Past District Governor) why he was wearing Red Chucks (Glenn, a former high school coach, had to explain to many of us that Converse Allstars were called “Chucks” because they were worn by Chuck Taylor). With great enthusiasm, Tim modeled his red Chucks for us and explained that every year, the 500+ Rotary District Governors select a name for their group and wear some common type of clothing to represent the name. The name they selected this year was “Allstars” and they had decided that they should all wear red Converse Allstars. To show his support for the theme set by the District Governors, Glenn came from behind the podium to sport his red Chucks.


Having finished with the display of high fashion, Glenn outlined his fundraising goals for the club for the 2016/17 year. He explained that regular annual giving by the Seminole Lake Rotary Foundation to various local and international initiatives amounts to a minimum of $15,000. In addition, he set a goal of raising $12,000 for club. He asked Gerry to review some of the ideas that were discussed at a recent fundraising meeting that was attended by several club members. In his usual animated and entertaining fashion, Gerry provided an overview several great ideas, which we’ll leave for a future post.


Glenn then asked past president Sandra Lilo to talk about the new membership types and the new club buddy system that she’s been working on. She started by providing an overview of the new Active Associate Member. An Active Associate Member pays the same dues as an Active Member but has no minimum attendance requirement and is only charged for breakfast when they attend meetings. She mentioned that there were already several people interested in joining as Active Associates. She also provided an overview of the new Corporate Membership–which we’ll cover in more detail in a future post. Next, Sandra talked about the buddy system that she’s been fostering to help make sure that we’re aware if a club member has an issue that we as a club may help with. Club members will be teamed up in groups of three. If a club member has an issue, they can text their buddies, who can then work with the rest of the club.


Finally, Doug Meyer reviewed the policy and guidelines on who pays for breakfast for prospective members. Whenever a club member invites a prospective member to a meeting, the club will pay for their first breakfast out of the club fund. For the second and following breakfasts, the inviting club member can either choose to discuss the cost of breakfast with the prospective member or can pay for it themselves. It is important to note that all club members pay for their own breakfasts. This is in line with our values of paying our own way for most all club activities so that the highest possible percentage of donations goes to services projects, not to club meals and activities.


It was a very informative meeting and a clear indication of the great things we can expect during Glenn’s year as president.

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