The Red Sled Initiative 2016

The Red Sled Initiative 2016

The Seminole Lake Rotary Club presents the Red Sled Initiative, a project dedicated to enriching the lives of some 2500 children who are in the foster care system and their families currently associated with Eckerd Community Alternatives. Eckerd is one of the largest non-profit child and family service organizations in the United States dedicated to offering children and their families a second chance. For most, the holiday season is a time of joy but, for many, food and gifts are not a given! The Red Sled Initiative is a project created to fulfill that need! Here are some of the fun events where you can contribute a gift:


Dec. 3  –  8pm
Pinellas Park Performing Arts
4951 78th Ave North
Pinellas Park, FL
Ring in the holidays with this incredible concert starring Redhead Express! This national group has performed over 2000 shows worldwide.Bring a gift and help the kids!
Tickets $20


Dec. 10 – 6-8pm
Evans Hall – Chapel on the Hill
12601 Park Blvd. Seminole, FL
Dress code is RED! Snack your way through a myriad of businesses serving a variety of food & drinks.
Live music. Door prizes.
Cash bar available.
Tickets $10
Buy Online


Dec. 11 – 6pm
Starts at Seminole Rec.
The Seminole Chamber of Commerce lights up the night with its annual parade. Bring a gift for the kids and help fill Santa’s giant Red Sled.
Free admission!

giftboxGift Ideasgiftbox
Here are a few gift ideas to Fill the Sled!:

  • Gift Cards (to Movies, Malls, Target, Walmart, Old Navy, etc.)
  • Jewelry, Jewelry boxes, Nail sets
  • Clothing for Teenagers 14 and Up
  • Purses
  • Cologne (Axe)
  • Big watches
  • Sports Equipment (footballs, basketballs, baseball gloves, baseballs, etc.)
  • Skateboards
  • Dolls (note that foster children come from all races and ethnicities so consider non-Caucasian dolls as well)


The holidays are a busy time of year. If you won’t be able to make it to the Red Sled in person, you still have an opportunity to help these wonderful children and their families by donating online. Donate