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RCS Grace House Renovation

Seminole Lake Rotary volunteers, friends, and family recently teamed up for a major apartment renovation at RCS Grace House. Through Curtis Camp’s leadership, Seminole Lake Rotary has steadily expanded the ways that it supports RCS Grace House in help the families who have fallen on hard times get back on their feet. For some time, the club has been purchasing and serving meals for families at RCS Grace House.

Curtis and RCS Grace House Director, Robin Gipson, identified an apartment at Grace House that desperately needed renovation so that families had a clean environment to live. He enrolled the members of the club in taking on the renovation, including enlisting Anne Lamaire to co-lead the project.

Curtis created a list of items that were needed and orchestrated collection and storage in Sandra Lilo’s storage garage. Club members came out of the woodwork to provide all of the needed items, including couches, lamps, tables, pots & pans, kitchen utensils, dishware, silverware, fans, dressers, beds, mattresses, coffee tables, rugs, a TV, and more. The team members who donated time and treasure included, Anne Lamaire, Tim Schuler, Doug Meyer, Gene Stern, Dave Buzza, Mike Hendry, Chuck Oldanie, Gerry Cachia and others. Anne’s family and friends also played a big part.

Consistent with her M.O. since she joined the club, Anne Lamaire dove headlong into the project, mobilizing club members, family and friends. Her leadership was especially needed because Curtis was scheduled to be out of town when the apartment became available, and time was short before a new family was scheduled to move in.


When Anne, her husband Rob, Rosa, and Rosa’s friend, Hercules arrived on Tuesday, April 26 to begin cleanup at the three bedroom, two bath apartment, it was clear it was in need of a major makeover, including significant cleaning, paint, electrical work, fixtures, plumbing repairs and more.

The four of them rolled up their sleeves jumped in with a flurry of cleaning. Rob and Hercules hauled old furniture, inoperative fixtures, and debris off to the dump. Rosa and her crew then gave the apartment its first of several cleanings. Thursday and Friday continued the cleaning effort and the team started patching the walls and preparing them for painting. The old fans were removed and work was needed to fix several of the electrical outlets and fixtures. An experienced electrician friend of Anne and Rob, Russell Swain, gave his time and expertise to ensure all of the electrical fixtures were properly wired and working.


Lucienne and Anne made a trip to Walmart for drapes, bedding and other supplies and Anne gained a whole new perspective in bargain and value shopping from Lu.

On Saturday, Rob and sons worked with another friend who is a professional painter, Brian James, in taping, prepping, and painting the apartment. That entire effort was amazingly completed in seven and a half hours. Special thanks to Brian and Russell providing their tools, time, and expertise to help make this project a success.


Jim McConnell went to work on the plumbing, spending nearly three hours under one of the sinks which had significantly corroded pipes.


By Monday, the apartment was ready for furniture and Curtis, back from his travels, took the lead with Mike Hendry and Gerry Cachia to get all of the furniture moved and placed so that it had just the right feng shui.


In record time, a new family was able to move into the apartment on Tuesday and begin the process of getting back on their feet.


This project truly stands out as an example of service above self, teamwork, fellowship, and love. Thanks to all who participated!


For more information about RCS and the tremendous work they do, visit their website.

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